Why October 2018 will be a video game fans dream

Next October a lot of video games will be released. And many of them are not just regular games, but highly anticipated masterpieces. No wonder gamers are impatient and nervous like never before.

It all starts on October 5th with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (PC, PS4, XBO), the successor of the great and innovative Assassin’s Creed Origins. Only one year separates both of them and for fans of the franchise this is not really good news because everyone agrees that the two years break between Syndicate and Origins saved the quality of the series. Odyssey will be set in Ancient Greece were you can meet historic figures like Socrates or Hippocrates. The plot tells a fictional history of the Peloponnesian War. The player will be able to choose the gender of the main character. The game also emphasis more on role-playing elements than previous games in the series and will contain dialogue options, branching quests and multiple endings.

We are certain that Odyssey only can improve Origins and tells a great story in an incredibly beautiful (and brutal) setting!

For war game fans Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (12th) and Battlefield V (19th) are coming mid-October. It looks like that Black Ops 4 will win the battle because player anticipation for Battlefield V, at least judging by its pre-order numbers (according to investment firm Cowen Group), has not been great. If it turns bad Battlefield V could be sandwiched between Black Ops 4 and another game that I will present you below. Nevertheless, the setting of the Second World War seems pretty nice and the graphics are nearly perfect. We have two top war games in October and at the end we will see if Battlefield really lost the battle (the negative experience of Star Wars: Battlefront II is maybe a reason).

But the climax of this month will be without any doubts Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4, XBO) announced for October 26th. According to Rockstar it is the biggest game world ever – even bigger than the world from GTA V. But that’s not all – the level of immersion is the deepest it’s ever been. RDR2 will also feature some awesome details like animated horse testicles (LOL). We all know that when Rockstar is saying that it will be a revolution that it is true. So if you liked the first Red Dead Redemption this second part will blow you away. What is going to be the most difficult about this game? To wait for it!

An honourable mention is Call of Cthulhu (PC, PS4, XBO) for all the H.P. Lovecraft and horror game fans out there. It will be released at the end of October. If you are partial to mountains of madness, this is definitely your game. Watch the promising trailer here.

So beware and prepare yourself to this crazy good month of October 2018! Until then keep playing 🙂

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