Have you not seen Blacksad teaser yet?

Have you not seen the Blacksad: Under the Skin teaser video yet? What are you waiting for? Blacksad is the new graphic novel video game that we are looking forward to play in 2019. We still do not have a lot of information, but just what is shown in the video, nevertheless is enough to know that it can be an interesting and original video game. Which other video game have you played in which you are a detective cat?


This idea comes from the video game company Pendulo Studios. The company is based in Spain since 1994 and they are known for making graphic novels such as Igor, Uikokahonia objective or the Runaway Trilogy, this story for iOS in which Brian, a brilliant science student, is preparing to join the prestigious University of Berkeley. However, everything will be ruined when he finds himself immersed in a story of a stolen crucifix and mafia… Obviously, the whole style of the studio is still present, with elaborated dialogues, a very own style, and that characteristic humor that absorbs us into the story.

But let’s continue with Blacksad: Under the skin which is announced for PlayStation 4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. There are also some other animals as we can see in the image, so maybe it is a completely animal world in which they play our human roles. It does not seem to have humans in it. Anyway, that makes it different from the other ones. Do you like being a detective cat? I wonder if maybe we can have cat features as jumping more than a human or having a powerful noise sense…


It is also set in New York in the 50s, so garments, vehicles, buildings, technology, etc. have the appearance of that time. Do you like life in the mid-20th century? Then this is your game! What about the aesthetics? It seems as it has a soft yellow color, as we could see in the photos that our grandparents took when they were young.


What is more beautiful but at the same time more dangerous than New York at night? That’s where our principal character takes surely an important role.


We also know that it is adapted from a comic book. We do not have read it, so that’s all the information that we have for now. If you want to see with your own eyes, here you will find the video. We hope you like it and wait anxiously for 2019 as we do. Le us know your thoughts about it!

Until then keep playing!

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