Shyamalan and Boll teaming up for The Sixth Sense 2

According to reliable Hollywood sources, M. Night Shyamalan is working on a sequel to his successful 1999 film that brought him worldwide fame: The Sixht Sense. Shooting is scheduled to start in September 2019. But the biggest surprise: Shyamalan has brought another film icon to his side to master this colossal project. This is Uwe Boll, director/writer of classics like Alone in the Dark (2005), Postal (2007) or Rampage (2009). What a news!

Osment returns, Boll is involved in the script


And yes, you heard right, Uwe Boll is coming back from retirement for the sequel to Sixth Sense. How could Shyamalan have mastered something like this on his own? It’s only logical that two of the greatest directors of all time get together. By the way, Boll’s films were already re-examined and described as masterpieces shortly after he retired in 2016. Boll helped Shyamalan write the script. According to our anoynmic source, it was Boll who delivered the best ideas. Boll is said to have called Shyamalan one evening in 2018 and explained his idea for the story of The Sixth Sense 2. Shyamalan was so enthusiastic about the story that he immediately suggested making the film in pairs.

The two geniuses shits on critics: Boll (left) and Shyamalan (right)

Shyamalan was longtime advised by critics to hire a scriptwriter who would help him write his stories for the screen to have better characters. Now, the Indian film maker is responding to them by treaming up with Uwe Boll. A very smart move.

The cute Haley Joel Osment from the first part should be there again and play a key role. Maybe he will win the Oscar this time. Rumours have it that Dolph Lundgren will play a leading role. Maybe he will be the new gentle Bruce Willis or the evil version of it? More is currently not known about the casting…

Can Shyamalan repeat his success?

All signs point to a clear YES. After his successful comeback with The Visit (2015) and Split (2016) and the grandiose superhero anti-film Glass (2019), Shyamalan can only top himself. The fact that Uwe Boll is on board can only be rated positively. Why would he have called Shyamalan if his idea hadn’t been good? Why should Boll return from retirement? It was all fate, and both of them know it very well. The two were born to make a movie together. Shyamalan should even let Boll direct some of it!

That leaves the story. What will happen in The Sixth Sense 2? What will be the role of Cole Sear? And is Malcolm maybe returning? That would made the second Bruce Willis cameo after Split! Unfortunately, we don’t know very much about the story. What is known so far: Cole Sear seems to be on another “free the dead people mission” confronting a dangerous new bad superpower character (should be played by Lundgren). The word “superpower” immediately caught our attention. Is there a link to the Unbreakable universe? That would be Shyamalan’s greatest twist of all time: The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable playing in the same universe!?

All that remains is the question: What good idea did Boll have? Well, he’s got a lot of experience with good action movies, maybe he just shows Shyamalan how to do action. And his writing quality will really do the Sixth Sense sequel good!

It remains extremely exciting! Anyway, this would be the hottest sequel with the hottest team ever announced… To be followed!


PS: For all the people who thought this article is true, I´m sorry. Happy April Fool’s day prank!

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