Halloween special – Don’t Breathe

It’s Halloween folks and we all know what that means. I am too old for trick-or-treating, I am too lazy for a costume party and I don’t play many horror themed video games, so only option for me is a horror movie. Before even starting writing this article, I had a few ideas for an article I was planning to cover The Witch, It Follows or maybe The Blair Witch Project, but Adrian got there first with his list, so The Blair Witch Project looked like a viable option, but then I realized that it would probably be just a rambling about current status found footage genre. The last movie on Adrian’s list was Evil Dead by Fede Alvarez and then I got an idea: On this Halloween special I am going to cover Don’t Breathe.

Stay in the dark

Don’t Breathe is a movie directed by Fede Alvarez and this is by far one of my favorite horror movies in recent years. Set in a city worse looking than Silent Hill called Detroit, three young criminals decide to rob an old blind man because of the money he supposedly had hidden in his house. Problem is that the old man is played by Stephen Lang and he decided that he will defend his property and dark secrets. The blind man also knows his house very well and got a rottweiler dog, so the robbers get into a lot of problems.

Fun time

This movie does a lot of things really well, camerawork in the house is fantastic, acting is excellent and the atmosphere is creepy. There is only one smaller problem with the movie and that’s only near the end. Otherwise this is a perfect movie for a great Halloween night: scary, tense and if you live in Detroit I feel sorry for you, so get some friends, alcohol and enjoy the party!

P.S.: Fede Alvarez would be perfect for a Resident Evil movie remake.

Until then keep watching Don’t Breathe and happy Halloween!

Picture: Film Era

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