New Mass Effect Game: Andromeda 2 Revelations – Details And Interview With Developers (Famous April Fool’s Day Article)

Long years of anticipation and speculation have finally ended, Mass Effect series will return with a new title called Mass Effect Andromeda 2 Revelations. So, let’s see what the video game developers Casey Hudson and Mac Walters have to say. Here is the transcribed interview with these two gentlemen!

Filmspiel: Good morning Mr. Hudson and Mr. Walters. At first, can you tell what the title Revelations means?

Casey Hudson: Title Revelations means that something about Mass Effect universe will be revealed, what most casual players do not know and even some hardcore fans will surely be surprised. I don’t think that anybody ever used the title Revelations in any media and, specially, for any sequel before.

Mac Walters: There is actually a story about this title, me, Casey and some other over-worked Bioware employees were having a long discussion over what title of the next Mass Effect game should be and there were some great ideas like: Return of the Reapers, Council Strikes Back, Revenge of Udina and many other ones. But like Casey said Revelations is the most original of them all, so that’s the one we picked.

Filmspiel: Can you tell our readers what new story elements you have implemented into this new Mass Effect game?

Casey Hudson: Of course, from a story perspective we decided to push our imagination and write science fiction to its limits. We are determined to bring players an emotional and intellectually stimulating experience. The game will not end with credits, it is more important what players feel after the game is over.

Mac Walters: I don’t think that EA would like that, Casey.

Casey Hudson: Yeah, you’re probably right. So to be true, you have to imagine something basically like Anthem with The Reapers.

Filmspiel: From what we have seen in the past, Bioware is now fully endorsing open-world RPGs. Will Mass Effect Andromeda 2 Revelations follow this trend?

Mac Walters: This game is gonna be bigger, maps are going to be much larger than in any other Bioware game ever before! One map, and by map I mean planet, is probably gonna take about 30 to 40 hours to fully complete.

Casey Hudson: What keeps you on that planet are quests and characters! Quest are something we paid special attention for, I can share one of those here with you: So there is this side character called Ian whose favorite ship model was stolen by turian called Maxentius and you are tasked to bring him his model back for a reward. Isn’t it great!?

Filmspiel: Speaking about characters, can you tell which characters are returning and share a bit about new alien races?

Mac Walters: All characters from Mass Effect Andromeda are returning and we decided that some characters from the original trilogy will also make an appearance like: Liara T’soni, Grunt, Luke Skywalker and Commander Shepard.

Casey Hudson: There are two new alien species Insun-ren and Citten (pronounced with K). Citten are alien race which cannot reproduce naturally so they have to kidnap other alien species and transform them through advanced technology into more Citten.

Filmspiel:  Mr. Hudson, Mr. Walters, thank you both for your time.


PS: For all the people who thought this article is true, I´m sorry. Happy April Fool’s day prank!

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