Long Shot: romantic comedy at its best!

Who doesn’t like Seth Rogen? His characters are always likeable, empathetic and funny. He is not macho, but embodies the slightly obese, nice boy next door. You just have to love him for that. In one of his latest movies, Long Shot (2019), he again pulls out all the stops of the romantic comedy genre together with Charlize Theron. Anyone who wants to see a feel-good movie with wit is well served here.

The plot is quite simple: Fred Flarsky, an unemployed journalist, meets by chance Charlotte Field, the actual U.S. Secretary of State and his former babysitter. Field is nicely surprised and impressed by Flarsky and hires him to write her political speeches. He accepts and they start toegther with some key staffers a world tour to convince foreign leaders to participate at Field’s ecological project. During the trip Flarsky and Field fall in love each other. The adventure can begin …

The story may seem a bit unspectacular and guessable, but that’s not the point of the movie. What makes Long Shot a success is the perfect couple chemistry between Rogen and Theron. They act really well, and the audience therefore follows their common adventure with interest and pleasure. Director Jonathan Levine makes also a good job. He has worked twice with Rogen before on the well-received comedies 50/50 (2011) and The Night Before (2015). You can tell they know each other. The film feels familiar, as if everyone has worked together before. And that’s a positive thing!

It is also again very funny and exciting to see how a random guy could end up with a beautiful, important and powerful lady. Especially if it is as well-made as in this story. Sorry handsome guys (and the Canadian prime minister), but not all georgeous and beautiful women are interested in you, you losers!

Moreover, the movie is also pretty topical in some issues it is dealing with. Climate change and the preservation of nature are important points of the movie as well as criticism towards the political establishment and especially towards a president who is or wants to become a film and television star (names are not mentioned here).

The end of the movie is pretty moving and gives hope. If only the really world could be like this! Long Shot definitely charms its viewers and is one of the funniest and most entertaining American romantic comedies in years. Enjoy!

Picture: Copyright Lionsgate

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