Gemini Man (Review)

Gemini Man, one of the best action and sci-fi films of the last year, unfortunately very undervalued, tests Will Smith, who plays two characters at the same time, in the role of a sniper of the American special forces and his clone thirty years younger.

The Story

The plot is quite intricate, and this is perhaps the weak point for which it has received many negative reviews. However, Will Smith acts commendably and the martial arts combat scenes make this film one of the best action movies of last year.

Will Smith plays an American sniper who, after thirty years of honourable service, decides to retire because he killed his last target, a dangerous bioterrorist, by shooting him in the neck instead of the head, where he should have been according to intelligence standards. However, after leaving, an ex-colleague reveals that in reality his latest victim was not a terrorist, but an appreciated academic biologist of world renown. In search of the truth, Will Smith embarks on a journey to Bulgaria to get in touch with the Russian spy, the source of this news. Nevertheless, American intelligence, on his trail, sends a young sniper belonging to the secret American militia called Gemini, to kill him. Over the course of the film the spy will prove to be a young Will Smith clone thirty years younger and willing to do anything to stop him.


As a sci-fi film Gemini Man succeeds very well. It poses existential questions about the legitimacy of cloning human beings to send to war, so as to save human lives in world conflicts.

The idea for this film was born in the late nineties, however at the time there were no technologies capable of rejuvenating an actor, Will Smith in the role of his young clone, which we own today. So, the film was shot (only) entirely in 2018.

Director Ang Lee, winner of three Academy Awards, was highly criticized for using a budget worthy of a Hollywood colossal, over $ 138 million. The film was produced for 3D viewing, but box office earnings were less than $ 173 million. The film became a box office failure.


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