James Bond – Magic of the Immortal Franchise and Character

James Bond is quite possibly the longest running franchise of all time. The only one which can compete with James Bond is maybe Godzilla (first appearance on screen is on the same year 1954). A couple of days ago we released an article about the death of James Bond, I would recommend reading it before reading this article. I also agree with opinions expressed in the previous article and that I’m done with Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond. More interesting is the concept of James Bond ending – could it really happen? From the title of this article, you can guess what my opinion is, so allow me to elaborate on this.

Adaptation over time

The greatest strength of James Bond is the fact that no actor is attached to the role. Many actors (8 in total) played 007 and every one made the role their own. A character like Indiana Jones has one actor attached to the role, in that regard James Bond is closer to superhero characters like Batman and Superman which are also interchangeable.

The recasting and starting over again is so vital for James Bond and it also carry pattern that appears that much more relevant. Last outings of James Bond actors tend not be always the best (for example: Die Another Day, A View To a Kill or Diamonds Are Forever); will this also be the case for No Time To Die? Hard to tell, I’m a bit biased in this regard, because this is a sequel to my least favorite Bond movie Spectre (2015). I would personally prefer a recasting and starting over. One fact it is for sure, Daniel Craig’s Bond managed to get on top after a disappointing movie (from Quantum of Solace to Skyfall). But Skyfall wasn’t a direct sequel to Quantum of Solace. We’ll see how No Time To Die turns out.

As long as there will be spy movies, there will always be place for James Bond.


James Bond both the character and the franchise aren’t going to disappear anytime soon, the franchise and character always found a way to stay relevant and managed to adapt to time. James Bond became synonym for spy movies and showed that one bad movie cannot destroy this franchise. As long as there will be spy movies, there will always be place for James Bond, options and possibilities where to take this character are endless.

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