Cruella (Review)

The new Disney film goes to the origins of Cruella De Mon, one of the most hated, snobbish and fashionable characters in the history of cartoons, and re-evaluates her in an animalist key.

Cruella is a lively, hyperactive but brilliant girl, passionate about fashion since childhood in constant conflict with her schoolmates. Due to her ability to make troubles she is expelled from school and together with her mother decides to move to London, but shortly before their arrival in the British capital, her mother dies in dark circumstances during a party at the castle of the queen of fashion, the snob and perfidious Baroness Von Hellman. Forced to grow up with street kids due to petty thefts, Cruella once she comes of age will use all her creativity and cunning to oust Baroness Von Hellman from the throne of undisputed queen of London fashion.

Director Craig Gillespie’s new film is an immersion in the fashionable London of the 70s, with its fashion shows, dresses, hairstyles and musical hits.

Cruella is a mix of action, comedy and thriller that has the merit of re-evaluating the figure of the protagonist and making her an absolute defender of animals.

(Image credit: Disney)

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