Another Round (Review)

Winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and captivating audiences around the world for its authenticity and its ability to speak directly to the hearts of viewers, Another Round (Danish: Druk) is one of the best films of 2020.

The protagonists are four professors from a country in the Danish province who decide to put into practice the theory of the Norwegian philosopher Finn Skårderud that men are born with a blood alcohol deficiency of 0.05%, compensating for this lack men would improve their lives from the point of view of mental, social, emotional openness and self-esteem.

For this reason the four friends start drinking non-stop every day, including during work and initially this cure works by leading them to recover self-esteem and relationships with their long-faded family members. But like all lies, the lie in which they take refuge, alcohol, does not last long, and all the protagonists must face the harsh consequences of addiction that will cause an escalation of negative consequences on their emotional and family lives.

This film stands out for its ability to be extremely comical in telling the prodomes and developments of the alcoholic adventure of the protagonists, who by now over forty are under the illusion of recovering what they have left behind in their lives with a few too many glasses, how raw in showing the consequences of alcoholism, which from a simple diversion ends up being a real trap for the protagonists.

(Image credits: Nordisk Film)

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