Old (Review)

The new film by M. Night Shyamalan is ready to keep you in suspense for the duration of its 118 minutes which fly as much as the time on the tropical island where the events of the protagonists take place.

What was supposed to be a peaceful vacation in a remote Caribbean island paradise turns into a horror movie when vacationers discover that on the beach time passes much faster than normal, causing them to age two years every hour.

To avoid dying of old age in less than 24 hours, the unfortunate protagonists try all the ways to escape from this nightmare that holds them prisoner, except they fail due to the space-time deformation that separates the stunning beach from the normal world.

The question that Shyamalan brings with him at the end of the movie: Is it worth sacrificing some human beings for the sake of progress?

Old is a film that in itself contains many themes such as the generational conflict between fathers and children, betrayal, love, friendship, the struggle between good and evil; Shyamalan mixed all this up in one of the most successful suspense films of recent years.

Image: Copyright Universal Studios

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