The French Dispatch (Review)

Wes Anderson’s new film is a masterpiece of colors, black and white scenes, tight dialogues, deep reflections, clips of comic scenes and vintage music. It stands out for a cast of exceptional actors: Benicio Del Toro to Léa Seydoux, from Timothée Chalamet to Frances McDormand. Passing through Owen Wilson, Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody and Bill Murray. A challenging film! Definitely perfect for anyone who likes to dwell on details, from the music to the clothes, from the settings to the dialogues, which in fact make the film a masterpiece of its kind.

The film has the structure of a journalistic insert, ‘The French Dispatch’, which, on the occasion of the death of its publisher, will be released in a special edition for the last time. As in a journalistic magazine, the film consists of various articles. Each article is a story in itself and has eccentric characters as its protagonists. The main stories are about a successful painter sentenced to life in prison for murder; the anti-systemic protest of a handful of high school students; the mysterious kidnapping case solved by the culinary skills of a chef. All the stories are set in the enchanting and imaginary French city Ennui-sur-Blasé (what a beautiful name!).

Picture copyright: Searchlight Pictures

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