Inside: a dystopian world

Six years ago, a small independent studio called Playdead surprised us with Limbo, a 2D platform and puzzle game with a completely groundbreaking artistic section for its time (and which has been imitated many times since then) and a level design that caught us all by surprise. Not in vain, this is one of the titles that have helped most in popularizing the independent scene, so its importance and influence should be beyond doubt.

The cinema of Terrence Malick

What if poetry were visual? What if we could watch a movie but at the same time we could get into a new philosophical and beautiful world? What if we could give an answer to all our questions? Terrence Malick’s movies are all that.

Have you not seen Blacksad teaser yet?

Have you not seen the Blacksad: Under the Skin teaser video yet? What are you waiting for? Blacksad is the new graphic novel video game that we are looking forward to play in 2019. We still do not have a lot of information, but just what is shown in the video, nevertheless is enough to know that it can be an interesting and original video game. Which other video game have you played in which you are a detective cat?

Our top 7 summer movies

Before finishing summer, it can be a great idea to enjoy as best as possible this holiday and party mood feeling. Long hours with nothing to do in front of the sofa, or just standing the heat, the best you can do is to watch movies! At filmspiel we have collected seven gems of cinema for summer

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