New Mass Effect Game: Andromeda 2 Revelations – Details And Interview With Developers (Famous April Fool’s Day Article)

Long years of anticipation and speculation have finally ended, Mass Effect series will return with a new title called Mass Effect Andromeda 2 Revelations. So, let’s see what the video game developers Casey Hudson and Mac Walters have to say. Here is the transcribed interview with these two gentlemen! Filmspiel: Good morning Mr. Hudson and... Continue Reading →

Bioware Reviews: Dragon Age and Mass Effect: Part 4 Mass Effect 2

How do you streamline a gaming sequel? What do you leave in process of production of a game, what will you change to appeal to audience that do not know you without alienating your core audience? If you make that crucial decision and streamline your game, one of the first and vital things you should... Continue Reading →

Bioware Reviews: Dragon Age and Mass Effect: Part 2 Mass Effect 1

There are many unsuccessful attempts at launching a video game franchise. Bioware's attempt at launching two franchises fortunately ended with success, one being the Mass Effect franchise and the other one being the Dragon Age franchise. Back in 2007 Bioware released their new RPG with a mixture of third person shooter and a bit of open world exploration game, combination that on all levels could have been a failure.

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