Found-footage Part II – Appeal and Problems

After finishing my article about found-footage genre and its history I realized that I forgot to mention why this genre was even popular in the first place and why audience lost interest in these movies. In my previous article, I stated “that people start to notice, how formulaic plots were, and opinions appeared that these... Continue Reading →

What happened to “found-footage” genre?

The year was 2007 and Paranormal Activity was just released into cinemas, to a massive success. Three years later Paranormal Activity 2 was released, and entire franchise was later built with prequel, spin-off and two more sequels. Around that time (2007-2015) found-footage genre basically ruled the horror cinema. Several horror movies of varying quality were... Continue Reading →

The Fall Of The Academy Awards

The ceremony of the Academy Awards is quite possibly the most famous and according to some the most important movie event of the year. It would be crazy to dismiss the Academy Awards, better known as Oscars, as a whole, because their significance still remains as important as before. On the other hand, Oscars have been here for over ninety years and right now they must face a most problematic issue in their long history, the 90th Academy Awards had lowest viewership over 40 years and people just lost interest in the Oscars.

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