Knives out (Review)

Rian Johnson's latest film is a detective story and certainly one of the best that 2019 has proposed. If you are a fan of Agatha Christie, well you can't miss this movie, the twists and turns of the plot are like the steps necessary to solve a Rubik's cube - apparently simple but brilliant. But... Continue Reading →

Event Horizon – director’s cut mystery

An important part of every story is to some extent an element of mystery, something that is unknown to the viewer or reader. This part of a story, lore, or character’s back-story that is left to your imagination. Saying: “I know everything” is in my opinion a failure of writing, something must be left to... Continue Reading →

The Square – contemporary art in film

2019 Parasite, 2018 Shoplifters, 2017 The Square – the juries of the Cannes International Film Festival have shown a good sense for outstanding films in recent years. While the winning films of the last two years deal with social issues in a rather unusual way, the film The Square by Swedish author Ruben Östlund is... Continue Reading →

Gemini Man (Review)

Gemini Man, one of the best action and sci-fi films of the last year, unfortunately very undervalued, tests Will Smith, who plays two characters at the same time, in the role of a sniper of the American special forces and his clone thirty years younger. The Story The plot is quite intricate, and this is... Continue Reading →

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