Have you not seen Blacksad teaser yet?

Have you not seen the Blacksad: Under the Skin teaser video yet? What are you waiting for? Blacksad is the new graphic novel video game that we are looking forward to play in 2019. We still do not have a lot of information, but just what is shown in the video, nevertheless is enough to know that it can be an interesting and original video game. Which other video game have you played in which you are a detective cat?

Promising games to remember for 2019

Gamescom comes to an end on Saturday, 25th of August. Once again the world's largest gaming event showed us some very promising upcoming games. I will present you six great (horror/psychological) adventures that will hit the consoles in 2019. Get ready – and anticipate a large gaming budget for 2019!

Five best horror games for PS4

Supermassive Games, the studio behind Until Dawn (2015), announced on Gamescom 2018 The Dark Pictures Anthology – each title of this series will be a stand-alone horror game. The first game will be Man of Medan, in which the summer cruise of four American tourists turns into a fight for survival aboard a haunted ship. It will be released in 2019. Meanwhile we show you the best horror games for Playstation 4, so the waiting goes faster. All genres are mixed up!

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