David Lynch’s Commercials

You are a fan of David Lynch? You like his nightmarish, surreal films and series? And you already know his bizarre photographs and paintings? Fair enough. But have you also heard of his creative excursions into the world of TV commercials? No, then this video compilation is just the right thing for you!

David Lynch, sometimes regarded as one of the best film directors of the late 20th century and early 21st century, has also shot commercials. And he has always kept his creative trademarks, his commercials sometimes feel like his “real” films. Lynch manages to create a bizarre atmosphere here as well. They feel definitively Lynchian! Especially the short commercials for the Playstation 2 are real works of art (Welcome to the Third Place, 2000)! Lynch also did a lot of commercials for luxury brands (Gucci, Armani, Dior, Lancôme etc.). Other brands he has shot for are Adidas, Barilla, Nissan etc.

But don’t let yourself be held up any longer and come and enjoy these creative, strange and unique advertising films for yourself. Below you will find the 35-minute compilation of David Lynch’s commercials:

What do you think about David Lynch and his commercials? Let us know!

Picture: Parzanka, Wikipedia

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